Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A sad year... 2009

It is with another heavy heart that I have to make this announcement... the passing of 2 my of beloved cats in May and July 2009.

In loving memory of Buffel.... 2002 to 13 July 2009

His death was an unnecessary one in the hands of an irresponsible cattery.

In loving memory of Mocha... 2003 to 18 May 2009

Mocha has been 'fighting' for many years till our trusted vet said that her quality of life has diminished and it was better to let her go with dignity than to let her continue with the suffering...

Over the years, we have brought her to various vets for help but we could only watch helplessly as her condition deteriorated slowly. We were given varying opinions from the different vets, ranging from "nothing can be done" to "full extraction of her teeth". I'm not too sure what was the medical terminology used but basically, her gums and mouth were riddled with ulcers. We were told that she would eventually stop eating from the pain...


My furry friends said...

Oh no..
im really sorry to read that... pls take care of yourself and the rest of the cats..
Buffel and Mocha may be gone but they shall live forever in your hearts with the special memories they had created in your lives

Victor Tabbycat said...

We is so sorry to read this! These cats knew how much you loved them and loved you, too. Try to hold on to your happy memories.

KXBC said...

I am so sorry to hear about the passing of Buffel and Mocha. I know the pain will heal with time but the scar will always remain somehow.

If it is not too difficult for you, would you be able to elaborate on the actions of this cattery so that we can take note of in the future?

I think there are some CWS volunteers who charges for cat sitting. Given their "training", maybe you can get them to catsit instead the next time.


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