Thursday, November 08, 2007

What a squeeze!

Here's a typical scene where both father and son refuses to budge from their spot on the sofa. And as always, poor Russell is always on the losing end.

A 'house' to call their own

The Body Part Sleeper - part 2

For some unknown reasons, Russell seems to be attracted to his Daddy's tummy!

Helping Mommy with housework

Being the ever helpful son, Zaizai wanted to help Mommy put the clean dishes back into the cabinet.

Making use of Mommy... again!

While Mommy was surfing the web, Russell wanted to get comfortable and climbed onto Mommy's back.

As he laid there for quite a long time without moving, Mommy had to ask Daddy to see what their son up to. To her amazement, that boy was actually taking a catnap!

Sweet revenge... by Mommy

When Buffel kept sitting on the newspapers to prevent Mommy from reading, she decided to retaliate by using this boy as a newspaper rack!

The tissue box is mine!

In a bid to prevent Mommy from using the tissues, Buffel had to hug the whole tissue box to sleep. Mommy had to regain control of the tissue box and decided to rouse the boy from his sleep by offering cat treats!