Friday, May 23, 2008

Butt fetish

This boy seems to have a fetish for his brother's butts and armpits...

Acrobatic Cat

Sunkiss loves hamming it up in front of the camera, showing off his agility and acrobatic talents!

'Dead' cat

Russell looked more dead than alive in these pictures... he looked like a human sleeping with his mouth open due to a stuffy nose.

Contest #3 - Guess who's paw?

Guess who's paw is sticking out of the laundry basket?

A) Buffel
B) Chester
C) Forrest
D) Mocha
E) Russell
F) Skipper
G) Sunkiss
H) Zaizai

*The answer will be published in June.

We have 'moved'...

The monster's have finally moved from their 'house' into a condominium complete with a penthouse suite.

Argh... football!

Buffel has had enough... he decided to stop Daddy from reading football news on the remaining pages. He was forced to do so after his nudges failed to get him a pat on the head from Daddy.

The poor boy's ploy did not work as iritated Daddy simply carried him off the table.

The Body Part Sleeper - part 3

This boy can really make his bed out of anyone or anything... he stayed this way for more than 30 minutes, making Mommy's legs go numb.

Hey... that's my spot!

The fight for space continues when Skipper tried to kick his brother off the sofa. Unfortunately, that didn't quite work out as Chester refused to budge from his spot as well.

Is my coffee ready?

Ever greedy Zaizai can never stay away from the kitchen. He probably camped out on the counter top overnight just to be the first in line for his morning 'coffee'.

Just another morning...

8 hungry monsters on a typical morning waiting for Mommy to wake up and prepare their breakfast!.