Thursday, August 30, 2007

Daddy's girl

Forrest loves hanging out with Daddy after he comes home from work.

Fresh off the tap!

Sunkiss has found out that the water tastes better and is fresher off the sink rather than from his drinking bowl!

Helpful cat!

Zaizai decided to help Mommy out with the re-organising the storage room. He told Mommy to categorise the household items in alphabetical order from right to left.

Zaizai then placed himself on the shelf as "Cats" should come before "Detergents".

Copy cats strike again!

In yet another copy cat event, 1 particular criminal stood out from the rest. Inspector Mommy suspected that Sunkiss was the mastermind behind the recent spate of events. He was caught on both occasions and it also led the police to believe that Sunkiss is the new leader of the pack.

Daddy makes a great couch!

Russell decided that sitting on Daddy was more comfortable than the couch in the living room!

Grumpy cat!

Grumpy Buffel was not happy when Mommy had to shoo him away from her favourite spot on the sofa.
He claimed that it should be on a first-come-first-served basis and Mommy had no right to ask him to move away. He brought his case up to Judge Daddy but it was thrown out of 'court'. Judge Daddy said that Mommy had full rights to the sofa.

Self punishment

Horrible Chester was caught peeing on the furniture again! After Mommy sentenced him to 3 smacks in the rear, he decided that his punishment was too light.
Taking the initiative, Chester decided to punish himself further by facing the wall for about 15 minutes.

Multi-purpose Mommy

Naughty Zaizai used Mommy's head as a support while he's sleeping and held on to her spaghetti strap as leverage in case he rolls off his perch... sigh.

101 sleeping styles... by Chester

Style # 33 - aka "Flight of Superman".

Big sister

Big sister Forrest is always taking care of his naughty little brother Zaizai. She is seen here grooming the lazy boy... he never really did groom Forrest in return.

Yummy.... taste just like chicken!

Russell thought that Daddy's hand was a big, yummy chicken drumstick!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Gang member caught redhanded!

Inspector Daddy received an anonymous tip-off that a local gang was up to no good again. When he arrived at the location, he saw some youngsters loitering around a stack of shredded newspapers.

Suspect Sunkiss was apprehended and brought back to the station for questioning as he had a piece of newspaper stuck to his nose. During interrogation, the suspect broke down and confessed to his misdeeds.

Judge Mommy duly sentenced Sunkiss to 2 smacks in the rear.

Looking for burried treasure

Sunkiss the Adventurer was digging behind Mommy's bolster in search of burried treasure.

Laundry Day

Russell decided that it's time for a bath and automatically made his way into the laundry basket for Maid Mommy to give him a good 'wash'.

Cat burglar(s) left loot at crime scene

In another spate of food thefts, the cunning criminal(s) have left their loot at the crime scene yet again. They tend to strike after the homeowners have gone to bed, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake.

According to investigators, these are not your everyday criminals that we read about in the newspapers. It is believed that multiple suspects are involved and that they belong to an underground syndicate called the Gang of Furries.

These crooks are well-known to have an insatiable appetite and they usually steal food that was imported from overseas, rarely eating any products that can be found in Singapore.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Office Cats - Just another day

Here's a typical day for this guy waiting for dinner to be served.

All packed and ready to go!

Skipper and Sunkiss has had enough of Mommy and Daddy and wanted to live with Grandma and Grandpa on the other side of the island.
They planned on 'mailing' themselves in the box but realised that they didn't have any money for postage stamps.

New 'hangout' place

For a short while, the monsters decided to drive Mommy crazy with their drawer opening antics! Moreover, they wanted to call the unoccupied drawer their home.
Fearing another 'cat stuck behind the drawer' incident, Mommy decided to fill the drawer with magazines, depriving them of a 'home'.

Office Cats - Cat without a body

This is one of my office building's resident cat. Wonder where his body went?

Laundry Inspector

Besides being the family's kitchen inspector, Sunkiss has decided to take on an additional role as the laundry inspector.

Resting on his 'office' chair in the yard, he keeps a watchful eye over Laundromat Mommy as she goes about her chores.

When asked why did he decide to take up the additional job responsibility, Sunkiss told Reporter Daddy that he caught the errant Laundromat Mommy a couple of times taking shortcuts when doing the laundry!

Environmentally Friendly Cat

While Daddy was shredding all the old mails and puting them into the recycling bag, Zaizai decided to do his part for the environment and have himself recycled!

Night Visitor

On certain nights, the Gang of 8 Furries would have a mysterious visitor from the outside world (glowing eyes in the middle).