Sunday, December 02, 2007

Something fishy about this tissue box...

There's definitely something going on between this tissue box and the cats at home. Previously, Buffel hugged the box to sleep. Now, it's Russell's turn to use it as a pillow. I wonder what's next?

Hungry cat

In order to be first in line for dinner, Zaizai took his afternoon nap next to the stove in the kitchen.

Cat makes good paperweight

As there's been a strong breeze these past few days, Zaizai decided to sleep on top of Mommy's mails so that they won't fly away.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

What a squeeze!

Here's a typical scene where both father and son refuses to budge from their spot on the sofa. And as always, poor Russell is always on the losing end.

A 'house' to call their own

The Body Part Sleeper - part 2

For some unknown reasons, Russell seems to be attracted to his Daddy's tummy!

Helping Mommy with housework

Being the ever helpful son, Zaizai wanted to help Mommy put the clean dishes back into the cabinet.

Making use of Mommy... again!

While Mommy was surfing the web, Russell wanted to get comfortable and climbed onto Mommy's back.

As he laid there for quite a long time without moving, Mommy had to ask Daddy to see what their son up to. To her amazement, that boy was actually taking a catnap!

Sweet revenge... by Mommy

When Buffel kept sitting on the newspapers to prevent Mommy from reading, she decided to retaliate by using this boy as a newspaper rack!

The tissue box is mine!

In a bid to prevent Mommy from using the tissues, Buffel had to hug the whole tissue box to sleep. Mommy had to regain control of the tissue box and decided to rouse the boy from his sleep by offering cat treats!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Like father, like son

Father and son chilling out in front of the television. Check out both their tummys!

Rule #1 - Never bring work home

Like an ever-caring son, Buffel did not want Mommy to bring work home over the weekends. He decided to thwart her by sitting on top of her office documents in a bid for her to get some much needed rest.

After a tug-of-war over the documents, Buffel relented and let Mommy continue on with her work while keeping her company with Skipper.

Newspaper cat

Buffel loves keeping Daddy company when he's reading the morning news. Daddy likes to lay the newspapers on the table to read while Buffel likes to lay on top of the newspaper!

Daddy always has no choice but to hold up the newspaper in the end just so that he can read in peace.

Toll Fees

This is what Mommy and Daddy have to do every time they leave the house and when coming back home. Chester will always wait by the door and expect them to pay "toll fees" by way of a tummy rub.

Cat faints after catching a whiff of his brother's armpits

Poor Russell, he always seems to be at the losing end of things. First, it was his brother's butt, now it's another brother's armpits!

Contest #2 - Who's tail?

Guess who's tail this belongs to?

A) Buffel
B) Chester
C) Forrest
D) Mocha
E) Russell
F) Skipper
G) Sunkiss
H) Zaizai

*The answer will be published in November.

Answer: Zaizai

Can I have a bite?

Here's Zaizai with one of his famous 'you-don't-love-me-anymore' look just to get a taste of Mommy's burger and fries.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

"Choot choot" time

Big baby Zaizai is enjoying his favourite past time... a choot choot session with Mommy. He loves lying on Mommy's shoulder and will start to drool excessively while trying to strangle (kneading) her neck with his paws at the same time.

Whenever Mommy doesn't let him have his way, he'll meow at her with those sad looking eyes. If she still refuses to give in, he'll start to breathe loudly and puff up his cheeks while exhaling. And if all else fails, he'll lie on Mommy's tummy and then leopard crawl his way up to her shoulders to indulge in his past time.

If Mommy manages to stop his ascend, he'll begin to breathe out from his mouth and let small saliva bubbles form on his 'beard'.

Sigh... this boy has all sorts of tricks up his sleeves just to get his way around!

Sleeping at Daddy's expense

While Zaizai was happily snoozing, Daddy's arm got numb from not being able to move.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Fight for a sofa

Mommy and Chester are always fighting over who gets to sit on the left-hand side of the sofa.... whenever Mommy gets up, sneaky Chester will quickly make his way to the same spot and stretch his whole body across, preventing Mommy from going back.

Sometimes, Mommy gives in and lets him sleep there. On other occasions, Mommy will pick him up and plonk him down on another part of the sofa. Chester hates to lose his seat and will always give Mommy an unhappy meow before trotting off somewhere else to sleep.

Note from Mommy:
In case you haven't noticed, most of Chester's pictures on the sofa shows him sitting or sleeping on the left-hand side.

The Body Part Sleeper

Thinking that Russell wanted to cross to the other side of the sofa from under her legs, Mommy raised her right leg to let him pass.

These monsters would always come up with creative ways to cross over to the other side of the sofa... from under Mommy/Daddy's legs, behind their backs, using their stomachs like a bridge or trampoline....and Mommy never thought more of it.

Little did Mommy know that the cheeky yellow boy had a different intention in mind! He stopped halfway and slept between her.....

Offensive smell

Chester was caught off guard and is seen holding his nose when someone around him passed gas.

The perfect bed

Russell has found the perfect sleeping spot.... on top of Mommy. He's even gone a step further by using Mommy's b**by as a pillow!

When reporter Daddy interviewed Russell, he said that it was better than sleeping on the newspapers! He did not have to worry about turning grey from the newsprint and that he did not have to share his 'bed' with the others.

Gimme a high 5!

When Manchester United scored 2-0 against Chelsea, Chester looked at Daddy for a high-5 to celebrate Man U's victory.

As Daddy wasn't as flexible with his leg as Chester was, he decided to pass up on this but failed to tell his son. Poor Chester, he kept his foot up for quite some time while waiting impatiently for Daddy's return high-5.

He later complained to Mommy about Daddy's unsporting behaviour and wanted Mommy to issue him with a red card and a 2 match ban from watching the game on tv.

There's something about the newspapers

These 3 monsters found a great way to keep warm on a cold afternoon. They made their bed out from newspapers as the granite table was cold.

When they found out that it wasn't enough to keep warm, they decided to cuddle up as well. See how they fit themselves perfectly on the newspapers.

Hey... who turned on the lights?

Irritated by the bright lights and the conversation between Mommy and Daddy in the dining room, Zaizai tried making a 2-in-1 effort to block out the lights and sound with his paw.

When he work up from his slumber, he gave Mommy the evil eye to show his displeasure before strolling off.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Added responsibility

Poor Russell, he's been made use of again. He became a pillow for Zaizai a few nights back and now, he has become a bolster for Skipper to hug in his sleep.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Disgruntled model

Super model Russell was terribly happy when Daddy made him pose for some pictures. After the photographer took the last picture, he threatened to go to the Ministry of Manpower to lodge a complaint against Daddy.

He said that this wasn't the first time he was made to pose against his free will and that Daddy did this for laughs.

Great team work

Due to harsh sleeping conditions under the TV, Russell and Zaizai decided to cooperate for the night and took turns to be a pillow.

Creative way to sleep

Keeping warm

Due to the recent cold weather, the 3 rascals wanted to keep warm but Mommy's house did not have a fireplace. They improvised and found that sleeping under the TV is a good alternative.

Is the movie over yet?

Buffel got bored and fell asleep while watching DVD with Daddy. He later told Mommy that he couldn't understand Cantonese and preferred watching the 'Animal Planet'.

Fighting for space

Both father and son were fighting for space on Mommy's lap and none of them was willing to budge. Poor Mommy ended up with a cramped leg!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Laundry Day Again

It's laundry day again and Russell wanted to go for another 'spin' in the washing machine. He patiently waited for his turn in Daddy's dirty boxers while Mommy washed the T-shirts first.

Neck support

Once again, Daddy has come in handy for Russell. He was previously a human couch and now, his hand is used as a pillow by his yellow son.

Poor Daddy... I wonder how will Russell use him next!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Daddy's girl

Forrest loves hanging out with Daddy after he comes home from work.

Fresh off the tap!

Sunkiss has found out that the water tastes better and is fresher off the sink rather than from his drinking bowl!

Helpful cat!

Zaizai decided to help Mommy out with the re-organising the storage room. He told Mommy to categorise the household items in alphabetical order from right to left.

Zaizai then placed himself on the shelf as "Cats" should come before "Detergents".

Copy cats strike again!

In yet another copy cat event, 1 particular criminal stood out from the rest. Inspector Mommy suspected that Sunkiss was the mastermind behind the recent spate of events. He was caught on both occasions and it also led the police to believe that Sunkiss is the new leader of the pack.

Daddy makes a great couch!

Russell decided that sitting on Daddy was more comfortable than the couch in the living room!