Tuesday, June 12, 2007

101 sleeping styles.... by Forrest

Style # 126

A thing for brown

Zaizai seems to have a thing or two for the brown drawers. He opened all of them except for the beige ones.

When reporter Mommy asked why did he choose only the brown drawers, he said that it was his colour and that it suits his 'fur' tone. He also added that it was a good camouflage against his bitter enemy, D.D. (Disciplinary Daddy)!

Taking the term "Copy Cat" to greater heights

These pictures were taken one after the other.

SpiderCat Mania

The recent SpiderCat mania has everyone going bonkers... including Sunkiss. He imitated his favourite 'comic' hero and scaled the feature wall in the living room.

He could not be bothered with Mommy when she was screaming at him from the ground. Looking cool and relaxed, he stayed up there to enjoy a quiet moment, away from the urban jungle below.

Newfound friend

Russell has found himself a new friend, Piggy.

Contest # 1 - Guess the cat.

Guess which monster has hidden himself/herself under the blanket?

A) Buffel
B) Chester
C) Forrest
D) Mocha
E) Russell
F) Skipper
G) Sunkiss
H) Zaizai

*The answer will be published in July.

Answer: G-Sunkiss

Help... I'm stuck behind the drawer!!!!!

Mischievious Sunkiss did it again! He has somehow managed to trap himself behind a drawer in the dining room. Inspector Mommy suspected that he has had some devious help from his siblings.

It was fortunate that his Daddy did not crush him to death when he tried to close the drawer. Thinking that a piece of cloth had fallen behind the drawer, Daddy wanted to pry it out when he realised that it was his son that caused the obstruction!

Daddy had no idea how to get his son out of the predicament and had to get Mommy to help 'extract' the boy.

Identity Crisis!

Sick of being a cat, Chester decided that enough was enough. He denounced himself as a cat and crossed over to be a rabbit.

However, he failed in his new identity as his ears were not long enough and his tummy was protruding too much. Besides, he could not resist the lure of canned tuna to stay a vegetarian rabbit for long.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Feed me ple...ase....!!!

Dear Aunt Agony,

I'm having problems with my Mommy. You see, she never shares her dinner with me, even though I have given her the pathetic starving look. Nothing works and I'm at my wits end. Worse yet, Daddy's always on a lookout for me and helps to protect her food.

I'm always out of paw's reach from Mommy's yummy chicken wings!!! Argh....... I need real food, not kibbles and canned cat food! I don't even mind if the chicken has been dipped in chilli sauce... I can get used to spicy food!

I've tried all ways and means but I can never get close enough for a lick and run. What will it take for Mommy to give me a piece of that yummy, juicy chicken wing??

I really need your advice and quick!

Yours truly, Zaizai

Feeding Frenzy

This is a common dinner scene whenever canned food is being served. One thing is for sure, the food in the other bowl always tastes better. This is why, we love switching bowls in the midst of eating!