Monday, December 25, 2006

Waiting for Santa by the chute!

Having heard that Santa makes his way down chimeys to deliver presents to kids all over the world, Sunkiss is seen waiting for Santa by the rubbish chute. He said that this was the closest thing to a chimney here in Singapore!

That's life (part 2).... by Russell

Soggy cat gets grumpy!

Soggy Sunkiss gets all grumpy after Daddy gave him a bath over the weekend. After being photographed by Mommy, he went to lodge a complaint against Daddy with Detective Buffel.

In his recorded statement, he claimed to have been lured into the master bedroom by Mommy and subsequently dragged into the toilet by Daddy.

Afternoon siesta

After a morning of antagonising everyone in the household and playing hide-and-seek with mommy, Zaizai decided to take an afternoon siesta so that he can recharge his energy and bully his siblings later in the evening.

101 sleeping styles... by Skipper

Style # 27


5 monsters decided to keep their mummy company while she was watching television!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Clean up crew.

After a massive downpour over the weekend, cleaner Sunkiss went straight to work and started to lick the water off the railing. Notice his intense concentration while on the job (middle picture). After the first round, he had turned back and ensure that he had not missed out on any spots.

For his dedication, Governor Daddy rewarded him with 1 smack on his rear.


Who's the boss?

Sick and tired of not being able to watch Animal Planet on television, Buffel decided to take matters into his own paws. He hijacked the tv remote from Daddy and held on to it for dear life.

All packed and ready to go!

Not contented with terrorising the same household, terrorist Sunkiss decided to try his luck and ship himself out to yet another unsuspecting family.

Unfortunately, the terrorist packed himself into a Ribena drink carton (which was Daddy's favourite drink) and was discovered when Daddy was thirsty. He was detained but subsequently released due to lack of evidence and was let off with a stern warning.

SpiderCat caught in action again!

There has been another sighting of SpiderCat... it seems that SpiderCat always had an accomplice whenever he decided to perfom his stunt. This time around, it was his oldest sister who acted as his scout... just in case Inspector Mommy was just around the corner.

Despite the size of his tummy, he managed to accomplish what the others could not do. This time around, he managed to get away scot free as Inspector Mommy was busy with another 'case'.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Hey... who turned on the lights?

Kitchen Inspection - part 2

In a spot check of Mommy's kitchen, Chief Environmental Officer Sunkiss had to make sure that the pandan leaves that were bought are fresh. After munching on some leaves, he gave his approval to Chef Mommy to proceed with making the dessert.

Dreaming of a fishy Christmas

Sashimi deprived Mocha is caught on camera dreaming of a fish-filled Christmas wonderland.

Viewing life from an upside down perspective

Tired of being out done by younger brother Chester, Forrest decided to view life from yet another angle... upside down.

Life's perspective from a different angle.

Tired from viewing things on ground level, highflyer Chester decided to look at the world from a different angle... on top of the kitchen fridge.

Mass rioting

Upon waking up one morning, Mommy found the house in a mess. All but 1 cat managed to make their getaway. Suspect Zaizai was detained and was left without food for some time while Daddy interrogated him.

Due to lack of evidence, he had to be released for breakfast. Cleaner Mommy was activated to clean up the street, making it safe for others to walk.

101 sleeping styles... by Zaizai

Style # 5

Getting to the bottom of things

Investigator Zaizai went about searching for clues in another case of "who-dunnit". Not satisfied with just testing the water supply from his drinking bowl or the kitchen sink, he decided to look further... in Mommy's cup!

At the end investigation, he was satisfied that Mommy's drink was 'clean' and went off with a belly full of green tea.