Thursday, December 29, 2005

Cat-proof Home

Hi guys, just want to share with you what my mommy and daddy have done for us at our new home. Being a 'young' couple with only 8 four-legged kids, they did not want to install any grilles to spoil the scenery and thus, decided to give themselves a big headache in searching for alternatives.

In order to keep us locked up at home and for the safety of the birds outside, mom & dad had to hunt high and low for a cat netting. Being Singapore, they had huge problems finding a pet shop here that sells such stuff and they almost resorted to getting a football goal post netting... kekeke.

Fortunately, the pet shop owner found out about their plight and offered to sell them the netting from her personal stockpile.

For all you cats out there, you can tell your mommy and daddy to consider what we have as an alternative to installing grilles.

Article by Senior Editor, Forrest.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Kitchen Inspection

Sunkiss, the Chief Environmental Officer (CEO) from the Cat Ministry for Cleanliness, can be seen inspecting the drinking water supply to ensure that the family's drinking water is boiled to kill off any harmful germs and bacteria.

After close scrutiny, he could not find any trace of leftover food stuck on the plates and bowls.

The CEO has just completed his inspection of the sink and gave his look of approval.

Ensuring that food is always hygenically prepared and that the vegetables are fresh.

Hang in there mate!

Here, a cat is seen hanging on for dear life after she refused to be give up her seat for Daddy.

SpiderCat spotted in the East

SpiderCat has finally made a rare appearance on top of the feature wall.

Previously, the homeowners were very puzzled to find that the toys placed on top of the wall would 'mysteriously' end up on the floor in the mornings. Inspector Mommy had a suspect in mind but there were no witness to the crime and if there were, nobody spoke up.

In a bold but botched attempt, SpiderCat aka Skipper decided to showcase his talent and scaled the wall right in front of Inspector Mommy's eyes.

When SpiderCat finally came back down to earth, Inspector Mommy grabbed him and sentenced him to 2 smacks in the rear.

101 sleeping styles... by Forrest

Style # 24

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Hey... where's my food??

That's life..... by Russell

Psst... guess what I found in Mommy's bag!!!

Sunkiss, the little terrorist has gone snooping in Mommy's bag and can't wait to tell his older brother what he found. He's seen here whispering to Chester about his findings and they both tried to hatch a plot to 'rob' Mommy of her wallet and to go shopping at a nearby pet shop.

Fortunately, they're not tall enough to reach the door handle!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The little 'terrorist'

Sunkiss aka The Little Terrorist/Monster has officially joined the gang of furries at his new home in Pasir Ris.

After a hard day's work of antagonizing his older siblings, he has decided to catch some much needed rest on top of his Mommy and Daddy's box of stuff, hampering their efforts to unpack the place.

On top of the world...!!!

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Don't leave home without me - part 3

Another victim of Daddy's stinky clothes

Another cat has fell victim to Daddy's stinky clothes. Russell the cat was found semi-conscious when this photo was being taken. His mommy had to administer CPR to bring him back to 'life'.

PS: He was preventing his Daddy from going back for reservist!

101 sleeping styles... by Skipper

Style # 11

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Don't leave home without me - part 2

In another packing 'incident', Russell has decided to stow away while Mommy and Daddy are busy packing for the move.

Football night

Brothers Skipper and Chester have taken to sleeping in front of the television as they're afraid that they may miss watching the live football matches with their daddy.

Cat queues overnight for dinner

Buffel, the ragdoll is the first in line waiting for dinner to be served. When interviewed by reporter Mommy, Buffel said that he had been queuing the night before just so that he can be the first to be fed.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Cat tried to jump bail.

Zaizai, the kaypoh cat was caught on film attempting to break out from his 'jail cell'. Unknown sources have confirmed that he's back in confinement as his tummy was bigger than the gap in the grille.

Don't leave home without me!!!!

Russell has requested that his mommy "pre-pack" him into a carton box together with some food supplies. Just in case she forgets to bring him over to their new house.

PS: No cats were harmed in this photo shoot.

101 sleeping styles... by Skipper

Style # 19

Need help cleaning tables?

Part-time help available cleaning tables.
Will work for food.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Bouncer in the 'hood'!

Due to the recent crimes by the furry bandits, Forrest the cat has taken up the job of a toilet bouncer. In a recent interview, she said that by sitting there, she hopes to stop the bandits from disturbing Daddy and Mommy while they go about their "business".

The vampire strikes again

Under his mighty jaws, another helpless cat falls victim under Count Zaizai.... the ever hungry, ever greedy cat!

Computer security

Security cat Zaizai is ever watchful over his owner's computer usage, never allowing his Daddy and Mommy to spend more time on the computer than with him.

When their time is up, he'll start pacing back and forth on the table and trample on their keyboard. This is an effective method to stop one from being on the computer for too long.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Newest addition to the gang of furries

Personal history
Name: Sun-Kiss
Aka: -
Rank: Recruit - 8th furry bandit

Newsflash.... Smelly bag causing cat to "faint"!

Mocha, a British Shorthair 'fainted' whilst spying aound in her Daddy's stinky waistpouch. She was later 'revived' with cat treats.

PS: In all honesty, she was just sleeping with her head stuffed into the waistpouch.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Personal history
Name: Zaizai
Aka: The "Choot-ster" / Mommy's boy
Ranking: Major

1. "Choot" specialist (droolling on shoulder)
2. Morning call

3. Persistent pursuits
4. Sniffer cat (food and toejam)
Criminal record
1. Gluttony
2. Throwing tantrums
3. Lizard torture

4. Begging for food
5. Addicted to toejam

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Personal history
Name: Forrest
Aka: Ah Girl
Ranking: Captain
1. Pest Buster
2. Begging for food
3. Bouncer in the common toilet
Criminal record
1. Squashing bugs on walls
2. Leaving dismembered 'victims' around the house

3. Constantly seeking tummy rubs

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Personal history
Name: Buffel
Aka: Ah Ma's (grandma) boy
Ranking: Lieutenant
1. Begging for food
2. Ball-sniffer
Criminal record
1. Greed/gluttony
2. Sneaking into bedroom

Personal history
Name: Russell
Aka: Yellow Boy / Daddy's Boy
Rank: 2nd Lieutenant
1. Stealth
2. Contortionist
3. Balancing on Daddy' shoulders
Criminal record
1. Sneaking into the bedroom
2. Sleeping in frying pan
3. Squeezing into plastic/paper bags
4. Licking plastic bags

Personal history
Name: Mocha
AK: -
Rank: Sergeant
1. Giving attitude
2. Killer breath
3. Head banger
Criminal record
1. Making mom and dad faint from her mighty breath
2. Head banging mom for attention

Personal history (cat on the right)
Name: Skipper
Aka: Fei Fei / Comatose cat
Rank: Corporal

1. Sleeping on his back all day
Criminal record
1. Food theft
2. Insect torture

Personal history (cat on the left)
Name: Chester
Aka: Linkin Park
Rank: Lance-Corporal
1. Scaling high shelves and top of the fridge
2. Killer claws
3. Super grump
Criminal record
1. Leaving scars on Daddy and Mommy
2. Flossing teeth on toes