Monday, May 23, 2005

Personal history
Name: Zaizai
Aka: The "Choot-ster" / Mommy's boy
Ranking: Major

1. "Choot" specialist (droolling on shoulder)
2. Morning call

3. Persistent pursuits
4. Sniffer cat (food and toejam)
Criminal record
1. Gluttony
2. Throwing tantrums
3. Lizard torture

4. Begging for food
5. Addicted to toejam

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Personal history
Name: Forrest
Aka: Ah Girl
Ranking: Captain
1. Pest Buster
2. Begging for food
3. Bouncer in the common toilet
Criminal record
1. Squashing bugs on walls
2. Leaving dismembered 'victims' around the house

3. Constantly seeking tummy rubs

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Personal history
Name: Buffel
Aka: Ah Ma's (grandma) boy
Ranking: Lieutenant
1. Begging for food
2. Ball-sniffer
Criminal record
1. Greed/gluttony
2. Sneaking into bedroom

Personal history
Name: Russell
Aka: Yellow Boy / Daddy's Boy
Rank: 2nd Lieutenant
1. Stealth
2. Contortionist
3. Balancing on Daddy' shoulders
Criminal record
1. Sneaking into the bedroom
2. Sleeping in frying pan
3. Squeezing into plastic/paper bags
4. Licking plastic bags

Personal history
Name: Mocha
AK: -
Rank: Sergeant
1. Giving attitude
2. Killer breath
3. Head banger
Criminal record
1. Making mom and dad faint from her mighty breath
2. Head banging mom for attention

Personal history (cat on the right)
Name: Skipper
Aka: Fei Fei / Comatose cat
Rank: Corporal

1. Sleeping on his back all day
Criminal record
1. Food theft
2. Insect torture

Personal history (cat on the left)
Name: Chester
Aka: Linkin Park
Rank: Lance-Corporal
1. Scaling high shelves and top of the fridge
2. Killer claws
3. Super grump
Criminal record
1. Leaving scars on Daddy and Mommy
2. Flossing teeth on toes