Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A sad year... 2009

It is with another heavy heart that I have to make this announcement... the passing of 2 my of beloved cats in May and July 2009.

In loving memory of Buffel.... 2002 to 13 July 2009

His death was an unnecessary one in the hands of an irresponsible cattery.

In loving memory of Mocha... 2003 to 18 May 2009

Mocha has been 'fighting' for many years till our trusted vet said that her quality of life has diminished and it was better to let her go with dignity than to let her continue with the suffering...

Over the years, we have brought her to various vets for help but we could only watch helplessly as her condition deteriorated slowly. We were given varying opinions from the different vets, ranging from "nothing can be done" to "full extraction of her teeth". I'm not too sure what was the medical terminology used but basically, her gums and mouth were riddled with ulcers. We were told that she would eventually stop eating from the pain...

Thursday, January 08, 2009

In loving memory of Russell... 2002 to 2008

Our beloved cat Russell (yellow cat in background) passed away on 29 December 2008 from complications arising from jaundice.
This is the last photo that was taken of him with his brother Skipper before his passing.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Contour pillow

Sunkiss has found a comfortable contour pillow in the form of Mommy's feet. The 'pillow' is easily adjustable to fit heads of all shapes and sizes and it provides just the right support for the neck.

Yummy 'chicken' fingers

Mmm... Daddy's finger sure taste like those yummy friend chicken tenders at a fast food joint.

The 'Fountain of Youth'

Sunkiss has discovered a 'fountain of youth' right in his very own home! Shunning his own water bowl, he has developed a taste for water right out from the 'fountain' Nothing tastes better than a constant supply of 'fresh' water after every flush...

Friday, May 23, 2008

Butt fetish

This boy seems to have a fetish for his brother's butts and armpits...

Acrobatic Cat

Sunkiss loves hamming it up in front of the camera, showing off his agility and acrobatic talents!

'Dead' cat

Russell looked more dead than alive in these pictures... he looked like a human sleeping with his mouth open due to a stuffy nose.

Contest #3 - Guess who's paw?

Guess who's paw is sticking out of the laundry basket?

A) Buffel
B) Chester
C) Forrest
D) Mocha
E) Russell
F) Skipper
G) Sunkiss
H) Zaizai

*The answer will be published in June.

We have 'moved'...

The monster's have finally moved from their 'house' into a condominium complete with a penthouse suite.

Argh... football!

Buffel has had enough... he decided to stop Daddy from reading football news on the remaining pages. He was forced to do so after his nudges failed to get him a pat on the head from Daddy.

The poor boy's ploy did not work as iritated Daddy simply carried him off the table.

The Body Part Sleeper - part 3

This boy can really make his bed out of anyone or anything... he stayed this way for more than 30 minutes, making Mommy's legs go numb.

Hey... that's my spot!

The fight for space continues when Skipper tried to kick his brother off the sofa. Unfortunately, that didn't quite work out as Chester refused to budge from his spot as well.

Is my coffee ready?

Ever greedy Zaizai can never stay away from the kitchen. He probably camped out on the counter top overnight just to be the first in line for his morning 'coffee'.

Just another morning...

8 hungry monsters on a typical morning waiting for Mommy to wake up and prepare their breakfast!.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Something fishy about this tissue box...

There's definitely something going on between this tissue box and the cats at home. Previously, Buffel hugged the box to sleep. Now, it's Russell's turn to use it as a pillow. I wonder what's next?

Hungry cat

In order to be first in line for dinner, Zaizai took his afternoon nap next to the stove in the kitchen.

Cat makes good paperweight

As there's been a strong breeze these past few days, Zaizai decided to sleep on top of Mommy's mails so that they won't fly away.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

What a squeeze!

Here's a typical scene where both father and son refuses to budge from their spot on the sofa. And as always, poor Russell is always on the losing end.

A 'house' to call their own

The Body Part Sleeper - part 2

For some unknown reasons, Russell seems to be attracted to his Daddy's tummy!

Helping Mommy with housework

Being the ever helpful son, Zaizai wanted to help Mommy put the clean dishes back into the cabinet.

Making use of Mommy... again!

While Mommy was surfing the web, Russell wanted to get comfortable and climbed onto Mommy's back.

As he laid there for quite a long time without moving, Mommy had to ask Daddy to see what their son up to. To her amazement, that boy was actually taking a catnap!

Sweet revenge... by Mommy

When Buffel kept sitting on the newspapers to prevent Mommy from reading, she decided to retaliate by using this boy as a newspaper rack!

The tissue box is mine!

In a bid to prevent Mommy from using the tissues, Buffel had to hug the whole tissue box to sleep. Mommy had to regain control of the tissue box and decided to rouse the boy from his sleep by offering cat treats!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Like father, like son

Father and son chilling out in front of the television. Check out both their tummys!

Rule #1 - Never bring work home

Like an ever-caring son, Buffel did not want Mommy to bring work home over the weekends. He decided to thwart her by sitting on top of her office documents in a bid for her to get some much needed rest.

After a tug-of-war over the documents, Buffel relented and let Mommy continue on with her work while keeping her company with Skipper.

Newspaper cat

Buffel loves keeping Daddy company when he's reading the morning news. Daddy likes to lay the newspapers on the table to read while Buffel likes to lay on top of the newspaper!

Daddy always has no choice but to hold up the newspaper in the end just so that he can read in peace.

Toll Fees

This is what Mommy and Daddy have to do every time they leave the house and when coming back home. Chester will always wait by the door and expect them to pay "toll fees" by way of a tummy rub.

Cat faints after catching a whiff of his brother's armpits

Poor Russell, he always seems to be at the losing end of things. First, it was his brother's butt, now it's another brother's armpits!

Contest #2 - Who's tail?

Guess who's tail this belongs to?

A) Buffel
B) Chester
C) Forrest
D) Mocha
E) Russell
F) Skipper
G) Sunkiss
H) Zaizai

*The answer will be published in November.

Answer: Zaizai

Can I have a bite?

Here's Zaizai with one of his famous 'you-don't-love-me-anymore' look just to get a taste of Mommy's burger and fries.