Tuesday, September 25, 2007

"Choot choot" time

Big baby Zaizai is enjoying his favourite past time... a choot choot session with Mommy. He loves lying on Mommy's shoulder and will start to drool excessively while trying to strangle (kneading) her neck with his paws at the same time.

Whenever Mommy doesn't let him have his way, he'll meow at her with those sad looking eyes. If she still refuses to give in, he'll start to breathe loudly and puff up his cheeks while exhaling. And if all else fails, he'll lie on Mommy's tummy and then leopard crawl his way up to her shoulders to indulge in his past time.

If Mommy manages to stop his ascend, he'll begin to breathe out from his mouth and let small saliva bubbles form on his 'beard'.

Sigh... this boy has all sorts of tricks up his sleeves just to get his way around!

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