Friday, June 08, 2007

Feed me ple...ase....!!!

Dear Aunt Agony,

I'm having problems with my Mommy. You see, she never shares her dinner with me, even though I have given her the pathetic starving look. Nothing works and I'm at my wits end. Worse yet, Daddy's always on a lookout for me and helps to protect her food.

I'm always out of paw's reach from Mommy's yummy chicken wings!!! Argh....... I need real food, not kibbles and canned cat food! I don't even mind if the chicken has been dipped in chilli sauce... I can get used to spicy food!

I've tried all ways and means but I can never get close enough for a lick and run. What will it take for Mommy to give me a piece of that yummy, juicy chicken wing??

I really need your advice and quick!

Yours truly, Zaizai

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