Thursday, December 29, 2005

Cat-proof Home

Hi guys, just want to share with you what my mommy and daddy have done for us at our new home. Being a 'young' couple with only 8 four-legged kids, they did not want to install any grilles to spoil the scenery and thus, decided to give themselves a big headache in searching for alternatives.

In order to keep us locked up at home and for the safety of the birds outside, mom & dad had to hunt high and low for a cat netting. Being Singapore, they had huge problems finding a pet shop here that sells such stuff and they almost resorted to getting a football goal post netting... kekeke.

Fortunately, the pet shop owner found out about their plight and offered to sell them the netting from her personal stockpile.

For all you cats out there, you can tell your mommy and daddy to consider what we have as an alternative to installing grilles.

Article by Senior Editor, Forrest.

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